Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is for some an essential element of insurance protection when going abroad, for others its considered a waste of money because they have their NHS EHIC card.

Here at Brents Insurance we think its one of the cheapest forms of Insurance that offers some of the widest and most complex of cover.

Think about it, the average Travel Policy covers Medical, Personal Accident, Personal effects & money, Cancellation, Liability, Delay, Legal Expenses and many more elements. Some of these “sections” are Insurance Policies in their own right! and the prices being quoted are competing to be the cheapest available.

Why Buy Insurance?

We buy insurance because we either have to or feel we need to protect ourselves. When we start getting quotes we state what we want (or what we think we want) and then compare the quotes, usually by looking at the price.

As with a lot of things in life “you get what you pay for” applies. A cheap Insurance policy may apear to offer the same cover but there may be something in the cover that enables the Insurer to offer a cheaper price. It could be a Condition that you have to meet, a higher Excess, or they may just interpret their Policy cover in the strictest sense so if your claim is borderline it gets refused.

Remember when arranging your Travel cover to ensure that you call the Insurers Medical telephone line to discuss ALL medical conditions, no matter what, often these can be accepted with full cover applying but if the insurer then declines to cover your medical condition you can always seek alternatve cover – much better to find out before you travel than at the point you try to claim.

You also must disclose to the Insurer medcial conditions and details of any close relative that could affect you from travelling, even if they are not travelling with you – not often realised but a very real condition.

There are some decent Travel Insurers out there that in the case of an emergency are there to help you get home and ensure that your claims are paid correctly and efficiently, they may not be the cheapest but if you need to make a claim you will be glad there were there for you and its much more satisfying telling your friends and family that despite the cencellation, illness, accident your Insurers covered everything rather than moaning about how the insurers small print dodged your claim!

It shows you bought you and your family the right protection.