Private Clients

Brents has a proven track record with customers that have seen their insurance protection and its value for money maintained over the years. We guide our clients through the process of arranging competitive cover for car, home and travel insurance. By asking you the right questions we can ensure your insurance policy is issued on the correct basis and tailored for you.


Private Home Insurance

Getting the right cover for your home is absolutely essential. No-one likes to think of the scenarios that mean you need to make a claim, but if there’s a situation where you do need to make a claim, you want to ensure the process is as stress free as possible.

But more importantly, you need to ensure you’re not under-insured. Brents can provide a personal service for High Net Worth Insurance customers and using leading Insurers we can offer a very wide policy cover with many additional benefits.

Let us help you ensure you’ve got all the cover you need, and the very best price. Simply get in touch today to talk to one of our experts.


Private Car Insurance

With online comparison sites making it very easy to get a cheap quote in minutes, it’s no wonder that many people choose this route to insure their car. However, this doesn’t always get you the best cover, or it may leave you significantly out of pocket.

It’s easy to take out a policy where the excess could be double, or even triple, what you think it might be. Reading the fine print is always essential to ensure you don’t get a nasty surprise.

We have a very strong relationship with many leading Insurers and search our Insurer panel to compare quotes and cover. This means we can offer you a personal service at a competitive premium, and ensure you get all the perks and none of the nasty surprises.


Private Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is considered a simple, relatively cheap insurance and often sold without advice.

Why simply agree to the ‘standard’ travel insurance you’re offered by your travel agent when booking your holiday? Even though it might be easy and often almost dismissed as ‘part of the holiday cost’ is it the right cover for you and your circumstances?

You may think that all the cover you need is perhaps covered by your bank or credit card… and so you don’t even look beyond checking some cover is in place.

However, when you’re abroad, if something does go wrong, you need to depend on that insurance and make sure it’s got all the cover you could possibly need. Talk to us today about how we can help you get the right travel insurance, with all the right cover, at the right price.