Fleet Insurance – Risk Management

Motor Insurance is one of the most emotive issues when it comes to insurance.

We all know someone who thinks they are the “ World’s Greatest Driver “ and that it was “ the other bloke’s fault “ when it all goes wrong.

The problem is that an adverse driving record will affect the Fleet Insurance Premium you pay and what terms and conditions apply.

Many of you will have heard of the term “Fleet Risk Management “, but how many of you really understand what this involves and how the right measures that are implemented could save you money ?

Over the next few blogs we will look at ways Risk Management can help you.

In the meantime:


1. Obtain copies of all drivers driving licences (including the card). This should include spouses, siblings and others provided that they drive Company vehicles.

2. Any licence that discloses convictions should be referred to your Broker/Insurance provider. Normally no additional terms will be required for 1 minor conviction but 4 points or more may.

3. Drivers who disclose convictions such as

• CD (careless driving)
• IN (no insurance)
• UT (theft)
• DR (drink/drugs)
• XX (totting up)

should be asked for the circumstances regarding the conviction(s). These type of convictions may attract terms.

4. Details of accidents in the last 3 years will be required. If the driver cannot remember, contact the previous employer(s) for their comments.

5. If you have a Transport Manager involve them in the interview when discussing motor issues. Remember especially for Commercial Vehicles that they will be more aware of the ins and outs of driving such a vehicle. Their extra knowledge will be an asset.

6. Have a Practical Skills interview. Get the applicant to demonstrate basic skills. You want to know that the driver can reverse, accelerate smoothly through the gears and in the case of HGVs how to hook up air lines and hook/unhook a trailer.

7. Within the first 2 weeks following their employment follow the driver on the road (don’t tell them) to evaluate their driving ability including their attitude to other drivers.