How to manage supply chain risk in the construction sector

Construction firms need to gain a deep understanding of their supply chains to mitigate risks and this article is provided by Zurich Insurance. The construction sector faces particularly complex supply chain risks, and firms are under increasing pressure to manage, mitigate and transfer them effectively. Supply chain risk is an issue across the entire commercial… Read more

“First class business insurance advice”

Having recently set up my own Property and Management Consultancy, I had very specific Insurance needs to meet both Client and Professional Body requirements.  I also needed, this being my first personal business venture, to be certain that I had an adequate range of cover in place for all normal operating risks. In short, Chris and Sam… Read more

What does Cyber Insurance mean to you?

Cyber Liability Insurance is something that every business should consider, after all without your data you don’t have a business. However, there are so many opportunities to buy the wrong cover as there are different levels of cover and varying degrees of understanding by both insurers, brokers and clients. Cyber liability insurance means different things… Read more