A great testimonial

Here at Brents we all strive to give a service that exceeds a clients expectations and delights them so when we receive a letter of thanks we really do appreciate it and we thought we would share it with everyone……. Hi Stuart I know we see each other regularly and I mention it to you… Read more

Directors & Officers Insurance – watch our video

Directors & Officers Insurance is a very important element of your Insurance programme that goes beyond the protection of your business to cover the individual Directors and management staff. Brents Insurance, in association with Zurich Insurance, have created a short video that explains why every Limited company should have D&O cover in place… Read more

D&O – what you need to know

Directors & Officers Insurance – D&O as we refer to it, is something that every Director should ensure is in place to protect their personal assets and liabilities yet still this is a cover that is not fully understood or appreciated. The business pays the premium for the Directors to receive the benefit of cover… Read more

Spring Newsletter

Stay safe with our seasonal newsletter. In it you will find advice for safe DIY , how to protect your property from April showers & heavy rain as well as a guide to  avoid being under-insured. Download the Brents Spring Newsletter – click here… Read more

Fire safety tips – before & during the firefighters’ strike

You are probably already aware that, following a ballot, members of the Fire Brigade’s Union (England and Wales) will go on strike on Wednesday 25th September. In the parts of the U.K. affected, it may well be that the fire and rescue services will not be able to respond to 999 calls, or if they… Read more

Autumn Driving Tips

Although your Motor Insurance cover will step in to help you in the event of an accident we would all prefer not to have the accident in the first place! So Brents Insurance thought that the following information from driver training specialist IAM Drive & Survive training manager, Simon Elstow, would be of use for… Read more

Fleet Insurance – Risk Management

Motor Insurance is one of the most emotive issues when it comes to insurance. We all know someone who thinks they are the “ World’s Greatest Driver “ and that it was “ the other bloke’s fault “ when it all goes wrong. The problem is that an adverse driving record will affect the Fleet… Read more

Chartered Status Awarded to Brents

We are delighted and proud to announce that the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has awarded the prestigious ‘Chartered Insurance Brokers’ title to Brents Insurance Brokers, Brentwood’s leading providers of insurance advice and support. Chartered status is an exclusive title only awarded to firms which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability. All Chartered Insurance… Read more

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is for some an essential element of insurance protection when going abroad, for others its considered a waste of money because they have their NHS EHIC card. Here at Brents Insurance we think its one of the cheapest forms of Insurance that offers some of the widest and most complex of cover. Think… Read more

Cameras for Cab Drivers

Who hasn’t heard of someone that has been involved in an accident on the road where the other party involved has a completley different version of events that put them in the right? You may even have experienced it yourself. Brents Insurance have some fantastic Private Hire Insurance facilties and our latest Insurers, Markerstudy, are… Read more