A great testimonial

Here at Brents we all strive to give a service that exceeds a clients expectations and delights them so when we receive a letter of thanks we really do appreciate it and we thought we would share it with everyone…….

Hi Stuart

I know we see each other regularly and I mention it to you, but I felt it was important to officially write and thank Brents for what I can only describe as ‘First class service & Support’.

I could write paragraph after paragraph about how strongly I feel; but sometimes the best compliments are the simple ones.

My experience of dealing with you and the team over the last three years can be put into one word.


In particular I would like to acknowledge Nicola who has and continues to provide a level of service rarely experienced. Always prepared to step in on our behalf, she has made things happen and keep me up to date on several occasions; not least our recent experience of issues with a repair company.

As a private and business customer I truly appreciate and understand the benefit of working with you and the team.

Quite simply ‘you’re better with Brents’!

Feel free to quote me or pass my details to anyone wanting to hear first hand from a customer.

Please send my personal thanks to everyone!

Kind regards

Neill Boatman

Tel: (01708) 403163
Mob: (07557) 045991


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